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I knew an old guy, who, when I met him, only played Solitaire.

I introduced him to Elite, First Encounters, and he LOVED it.

Chatted to him on Skype a few years ago, and he would have been well on in years.

"Still flying around the galaxy Commander" he tells me. "A friend setup something on my PC so I can keep playing it, and I'd still got a save file with my thargoid ship, and I have used one of those tools so I can tweak the cargo space of ships a little".

As for me, my kids (19 years old) THRASH me at Halo now most of the time, to the point they dont like playing me that much, and I'm only in my 40's, but last Sunday they had a mate round, and I beat him most rounds, and came 2nd in the final round.

Play for fun, and win or loose, you win.
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