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Originally Posted by matsp888 View Post
For the record, I'm not pro this piracy whatsoever
I got the 3.1.4 stuff only to see whether it worked properly in that one
Regardless of your intention, you either bought it, or it's piracy. For a similar example, if I wanted to make sure my OpenOffice document opens correctly in MS Office, it's still piracy if I download a dodgy copy of Office "just to check", even if I never intend to use it later.

Aside from anything else, if you're getting ROMs from a dodgy source, how can you be sure they haven't been modified? People can and do modify ROM images for their own purposes (for example, swapping out intuition.library), and there's always a chance any perceived issues you're having are caused by such modifications. Have you checked their checksums against the originals?

But it seems Thomas is probably pointing you in the right direction. As was pointed out to you in the Facebook group, changes in the OS that cause code to fall over aren't necessarily the fault of the update. If the code was doing something wrong and just happened to work under previous versions, it's still buggy code, not a buggy OS.
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