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Originally Posted by matsp888 View Post
In case you're remotely interested, Thomas, the program that caused 3.1.4.x to crash is 'View' from my BulletExamples package at Aminet, that demonstrates the use of outline fonts and the separate Bullet engine in WB 2.1 and up. Most of the code is from a 1992 Amiga Mail article by Commodore themselves, for that matter.
It doesn't crash here, but you have a bug in the program. The UCS command line parameter needs a /A modifier as it is required by the program, and if not supplied, BulletExample creates a MuForce hit in StrToLong() because it receives a NULL pointer as argument. Also, I would suggest to include a /A in the filename as the program is pretty pointless without one.

As a matter of courtesy, I would suggest to include a makefile along with the sources so it is less searching.
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