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Originally Posted by matsp888 View Post
For the record, I'm not pro this piracy whatsoever, but I've had some email correspondence with Ignacio Gully who you might know, and who had some issues with a program crashing with their 3.1.4.x branch. I got the 3.1.4 stuff only to see whether it worked properly in that one, and it did, although running pretty slow in my dirt old E-UAE 0.8.29-WIP4 for some reason. The emulator is probably to blame here. Anyway, I'm hardly going to use it on a daily basis.
Well, let's not create a problem where no problem exists, but I would prefer if this would work on a more formal basis, e.g. as in "joining the beta tester group". It's not much of a hurdle, really.

The reason why I'm worried is that I want to avoid giving any party reasons to shut down ongoing development.
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