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ModSurfer is now feature complete! I plan to spend February making small tweaks and testing. The game will release into public domain on the competition deadline.

This update introduces a left/right rolling ball animation. It isn't quite how I hoped to implement it. I learned that the color cycling boing ball always rolls in the direction of the checker pattern. If the pattern is rotated then it's not possible to get a forwards-rolling effect with color cycling (without a lot more colors).

To overcome this the ball rolls back upright when movement stops. I think it still looks quite good. Might need a little tweaking to smooth out motion when the ball is rolling slowly. Instead of making one sprite for each angle in Deluxe Paint I coded a small ray tracer into the build system.

There's now a primitive VU meter into the borders of the track. This was a suggestion from the discussion thread but made a bit simpler. I thought about doing one meter in each lane but without more colors I couldn't fill the width of the lane; only the width of the block. It looked better to me in the borders.

In this video I try three increasingly difficult tracks (and rage quit at the end ). I'm a bit better outside recording with lagless vsync but not much! Two MODs by Xtd and one by Randall. I really like Xtd's MODs because they vary the speed quite a bit. Lots of them work nicely in the game.

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