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Originally Posted by LeCaravage View Post
The Z acceleration/deceleration seems too abrupt, why not make them gradually ?
I had a plan to do this originally but it became impossible when I made instrument playback depend on the player hitting the corresponding blocks. The problem is if the player accelerates slowly up to a higher speed then MOD playback (which must have instant speed changes to sound right) runs ahead. It has to decide whether to play an instrument before the player has reached the block, which doesn't work.

I agree it's a bit ugly in places. Perhaps I could have allowed instruments to play if the player was too far behind, but it would have been complicated to implement.

Originally Posted by LeCaravage View Post
Why not add vu-meter for each track with copper gradient in it (like Protracker).

Why not adding lateral acceleration/deceleration and simulate a settle into track ? Of course this could be only visible during slow lateral movement, when it's too fast we could hardly see it.

Why not pop-up funny/supports messages (or funny animations) right in the middle of the screen when the tracks are empty and the player could recover ?

Of course, just ideas coming from impression when watching your track's marks rolling. No way trying to influence.
Time, mostly. My approach to projects is to decide on a deadline and a minimum feature set. It helps me avoid endlessly tweaking and bolting on new features when that creativity would be better directed at something new.

The underlying goal of this project was to see if I could make lead instrument detection work. It didn't work 100% but much better than I expected. My brain has moved on to a new challenge so I'm spending the remaining 7 weeks putting finishing touches on, tidying up the code, and maybe hunting down some more fast MODs to play, then starting a new project.

I appreciate the ideas, though!
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