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Toni, I didn't ask for anything, and I am not expecting anything. I just asked if it was technically feasible and then said "who knows, maybe one day". That's all. Please allow me to IMAGINE, whether I'm right or wrong !

PS: I use winuae and amikit (so 68k 3.x) from time to time because amiga was my first serious machine, when I was still a teenager, fond of electronics and computing (started on a 6809 in something like 1984), and obviously loved it (as well for playing, surfing the net or programing). It was great because at that time no other machine was so smartly designed, with such tight integration of innovative hw and os, with an amazing community of devs. Winuae and amikit make me "live this period again". So you know, 4.x, apart from (strong) curiosity, I totally don't care. If I did, I would simply buy the HW.

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