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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Of course it has. Not much but Amiga mainboard still works as a IO/interrupt controller

I have replied to this topic few times already: Just take QEMU, hack it until it starts to work. It should not be too difficult.

I won't touch it: It has absolute nothing to do with Amiga hardware, it is more or less a crap/obsolete PC mainboard with a PPC CPU. Uninteresting and boring.
As stated above, it was obvious you would reply this if asked, and I actually did not exactly ask I understand that emulating amiga hw was probably fun. Emulating a basic / not that smart / pretty obsolete architecture would not.

That being said there are plenty of features you swore you'd never implement which are now there or about to be there. ppc and os41 extensions are probably the most famous ones as IMHO they have 95% nothing to do with amiga, still you implemented them

So who knows ? Maybe one day you'll decide that this would complete winue by supporting """modern""" amiga hw even if it is not a challenge nor initial winuae spirit...

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