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Originally Posted by Romanujan View Post
Probably because this is even more not-Amiga I suppose it would be easier to adapt the QEMU and totally forget about the UAE...
For some, so called "modern Amigas" are NOT Amiga at all. For some they are part of the story and deserve interest even if they lost this magic hw/os symbiosis and innovation...

But for sure, such an emulator would be no more Amiga emulator... Still I am under *the impression* there are plenty of smart things in winuae (graphics rendering, hardisks management, native extensions... for example) that are really well designed and efficient that may make it a better candidate as a basis than qemu, sheepshaver,... Making it emulate a standard ppc machine would probably be a big "winuae spirit" issue, but probably not a big technical deal... Plus it could be declared emulating all generations of Amiga, from the very first A1ks to the last-less-Amiga ones

I did not play with hundreds of emulators but WinUAE is imho the most complete, efficient, flexible, impressive (add more superlatives here) I ever got to see...

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