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AOS 4.1 on Windows : Why using classic version

Stupid (?) question that comes to my mind : OS 4.1 really has no dependency left on original Amiga hw... it does not even use real 68k to run old apps but emulates it instead (!!). it even requires uae to run old games. So pretty much its NOT Amiga any more.

So I'm curious : why installing classic version, which has many limitations, instead of any of the other versions ? Of course, even though I guess WinUAE could be updated to support this mode of operation, it would really make it move (even further) away from an Amiga Hw emulator to become more a PPC Mac hw emulator (which I guess is not acceptable for Toni)...

But would it be technically easily feasible and would it actually make os41 more efficient and usable ?

Your thoughts ?

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