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PDA's growing up, emulation reallity.

As PDA's are maturing in terms of capability I'm wondering how far we are of in terms of it being feasable to write an A500 emulator for it.
The current specs being as they are 400Mhz and displays that can handle amiga resolutions I guess we are getting close to being able to port winfellow over to a windows mobile enabled device.

I don't have a clue on writing emulators so it's just a guess I'm making and I understand you can't compare a 400Mhz XCPU with a 400Mhz PIII.
Also I guess winuae would be out of the question because of the reliance on directx. So I think it would have to be a port of winfellow.

Maybe you guys can comment on this and we can see a future where the handheld amiga becomes a reallity.
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