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PCB design files

Rev B6: Eagle schematic and board:
Gerber files (for production)
- Added a jumper for RTC enable.
- Added a footprint for SMD RTC chip, so you can populate either one.
- Made jumper drills larger (0.8->0.9mm) per Mathesar's complaint.
- Gary adapter by Mathesar with flipflops for BLIT.
- Corrected JP4 error on gary adapter.
- Improved decoupling caps positioning.

Rev C6: *UNTESTED* Gerber files (for production)
- For different memory: SOJ40. Don't consider this board "better" or "newer", it's just for different memory types.

If you've never had PCBs made, it's dead easy:
- Visit your favourite cheap Chinese board house: Elecrow, iteadstudio, seeedstudio etc e.g.
- Upload the gerbers ZIP file.
- Select 100x100mm, HASL and 1.2mm thickness.

Parts List:
- For the main board:
- For the real-time-clock:

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