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Originally Posted by utri007 View Post
IF I have undestand correctly ALL Icomp accelerators needs a timing fixes for A1200 computers? Let me ques, you have 1D4 and 2b motherboards?

Am I right?

Not true, every single board is different. Even same rev boards.

DH, is mostly correct. We can get busy at times and have hundreds of emails daily.

Im not sure people realise exactly how much we put into doing Amiga full time. Over 30+ parcels are packed and shipped daily. I make around 150+ products a week, thats not including Capacitor replacements / repairs (or A-EON related work).

We even end up doing work at home. So it creeps alot into our personal lives. I think the most memorable, was a EAB user. He contacted me at 1am in the morning, while I was playing command and conquer. So I ended up spending two hours resolving his issue.


You should have an email.
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