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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
I believe they are having some busy times currently, at least that was the case earlier this month:

I guess it must be frustrating for you, but you will probably get an answer sooner or later.

That's what's actually so frustrating -- we were having a back and forth already, several emails, then about 6 days ago they just stopped. From the get-go I explained my situation and how I had tried to diagnose the problem, all I wrote for was a request to honor their warranty and an address to ship to in order to send the defective merchandise. This honestly shouldn't require more than a couple of emails back and forth. In one of their previous emails, they should have provided me what I've been asking for since the very beginning.

To ignore my request, insinuate that it is user error, and then go silent after multiple back and forth emails is just extremely aggravating.
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