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AmigaKit seemingly won't honor their warranty

I'm extremely frustrated with AmigaKit and want to warn other posters to avoid doing business with them after my latest experience. I've spent literally thousands of dollars over the years with their website and this is the very first time I've tried to resolve a problem with them, and they have responded so poorly that I will never do business with them again.

This began in december 2017, when I purchased a bunch of stuff to upgrade an Amiga 1200, including an ACA-1233n among other things (real time clock, CF kit, etc). These items were a sort of christmas gift to myself, but shortly after they arrived, I got pulled into an engineering project that took up my free time, and thus never had any real chance to test out these products. They sat in their shipping box in my closet until a couple of weekends ago, when I finally had some time to test them out.

Now, I have 2 Amiga 1200 motherboards, different revisions. On both motherboards, the ACA-1233n doesn't function. When attached to either of them, the Amigas will not boot and instead stay on a black screen after post. Remove the ACA-1233n and both machines boot fine to both floppy disk and the CF card (which has workbench installed). Run a variety of tests on the card, and my best determination is that it's simply defective from manufacturer.

No worries, I though, because the Amiga Kit website clearly states that new items have a 12-month warranty, meaning I should be able to replace my $250 ACA-1233n without problem until December 2018. I contacted them about a week ago via their technical support email address and I've been getting the run around since.

Firstly, they asked me to take a picture of the card pinout, presumably to make sure there was no user error. I did so and provided them the following pics:

Some guy named Chris wrote back telling me that 2 of my pins looked suspect (???) and that I should try pulling the card out a couple of mm's when booting to see if it works. That "advice" is of course literally the very first attempt at diagnosing the card I took, which I relayed in my reply. Since then, which was a week ago, Chris has gone silent and won't return my emails.

I have written since then asking again for a mailing address so that I could exercise my warranty and they outright won't reply. I know Chris reads these boards, so I'm hoping maybe a public post about this will get them in gear, but at the moment I'm extremely disappointed and will never be doing business with them again. Why even offer a warranty if you won't stand by it? Thanks for wasting several hundreds of my dollars, guys.
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