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Originally Posted by crazyc View Post
Isn't winuae the better option for what you want then?
as a daily user of WinUAE, i can say "no".
emulation is emulation. its not true experience with real machine.
emulator always goes with input delay to some degree, which is inevitable.
this single fact often makes me think buying retro machines back once i had.

in that respect, if i wanted a real Amiga again, i only hope long live one which allows generic peripherals like case, monitors, input devices, drives, and even psu of today's conventional pc-parts for coming replacement issue.

if it was possible, it can cut most of delivery time from overseas, and cheaper.
this is too big deal to neglect.

sorry for such late reply. but i couldn't help but feel my thought should not be that special. many would feel like the same.
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