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Ooooooh, I love this idea, and the potential for this is HUGE. Personally, I like the idea of communication via the zorro connector the most, but that has 2 problems that I can see:

1, not all Amigas have the same zorro connectors (although there are some adapters for some, but that still leaves A600, CDTV, and CD32 people in the cold), and

2, that would be rather complex.

But the potential is too great to ignore in my humble opinion, and the only real limitations would be what could be done in software.

Have you seen the project where a guy connected an RPI into a cartridge that could be 'played' on an unmodified NES? That sort of gives a bit of an idea of what could be possible, and what sort of challenges there can be, although given we're talking about a computer and not just a relatively dumb 8-bit console, the potential is so much greater.
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