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Originally Posted by aszu View Post
This is not discouraging anyone, but just simply pointing out, that there is almost finished similar game, so it would make more sense to try to code something different.
You could argue that telling someone they should stop what they are doing and pick something else could be discouraging.. ;-)
Originally Posted by aszu View Post
This is the problem with people these days. You get offended by everything. And if someone dares to voice his opinion, he suddenly becomes public enemy number one.
Whoa, relax! Don't be so offended! ;-)
They aren't saying you are public enemy number one. They are just saying you are wrong about this. You shouldn't take offense at that. Just disagreeing with them (as they are doing with you) is fine. ;-)

We all get what you are saying.
We don't all agree with you. (Disagreement is NOT taking offense)

Personally, I also welcome another attempt at River Raid (especially one that will work on my A1000). I would like to encourage the author to continue.
And I look forward to the other version, for my A1200.
Win. Win.
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