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Floppy disk Beats of Fire

FFAGA – Alpha demo.

The latest version of the game engine over 2 levels, one of which is a boss fight. Haggar is the only character available but has all his moves intact and almost working!
Music has been changed since the last videos to something which consumes less memory and the graphics have been re-vamped almost entirely.
Gameplay wise this still needs a lot of tweaking, and some work remains in getting all the moves and various animation frames working fluently together, there just wasn't time to fix all of it before the intended 'deadline' without breaking it altogether. Hopefully after some more playtesting it will arrive at something that works without the little eccentricities you will see the enemy goons occasionally doing when you hit them!

The goons are incredibly cheap and will only attack if they have a chance at hitting you.
For the demo you may need to learn some fairly cheap stuff yourself to survive, after which it should be easy!
The balance of attack/recovery is quicker than the arcade – this may change but as far as the engine goes I'm having it performing as evilly as possible at this early stage - it might not be exactly fair!

Quick players guide.

You need a 2 button stick. Button 1 for attack, button 2 for jumps. Both buttons will trigger the invincible lariat.
ESC quits to workbench while a stage is running.

Standard attack.
2 low punches culminating in an overhead strike which topples the goons
To use repeatedly jab the attack button.

Recovery time.
The time taken for Haggar/ goons to recover from a strike.
Once hit there is enough time to respond and connect with an attack of your own, but only if the attacker is too slow with their next attack. If you are getting mashed, a lariat will get you out of trouble.
In FFAGA this is different from the arcade -
recovery time and attacking animations are faster for all characters.
A toppled character is invulnerable until they get back on their feet.
Read on for more invulnerable animations.

A spinning attack hitting on all sides during which Haggar is invulnerable.
The lariat will use a small amount of Haggar's energy.
If Haggar's energy is too low then the lariat is not available.
To use: Press attack and jump buttons simultaneously.

Airborne strikes.

Drop kick.
Only one kick can be performed during a single jump.
Can connect with multiple goons.
To use: Press attack button whilst jumping.

The attack can connect with multiple goons.
The attack will stun the enemy without toppling them,
but will topple an enemy making an airborne attack.
Can be used to start a combo.
To use: Press down + attack during a jump

Backward jump.
Press jump and then immediately to the reverse side.

To grab – walk into the enemy from any angle

Head/ shoulder butt.
Can score up to 3 hits.
Can combo into other moves.
To use: Press attack while grabbing the enemy.

Back drop.
Can slam grabbed goon into others.
Haggar is invulnerable whilst performing this move.
To use: Press to either side and attack while grabbing.

Pile driver.
Can connect with other goons during this move.
Haggar is invulnerable during the descent of the piledriver.
To use: While grabbing an enemy, press jump and then attack.

Notes on characters/ bugs
There are some adaptations which make the gameplay differ from the arcade. Some of the changes are down to just trying things out (because we can), and making the most of a limited amount of animation frames. Some of that is also down to bugs and under development. All of it is up for consideration!

Twop. Fast movement, punches will repeatedly connect without toppling your character.

Jake. 3 hit combo topples your character. Jump kick is also a toppler.

Slash. 3 hit toppler combo. Can defend strikes, is vulnerable to being thrown after defending.
Cannot defend against the pipe.

Hollywood. 3 hit toppler attack. Slide attack and somersault attack will topple.
Special features (bugs):
Dim Mak chi strike – will walk into and knock you down, seemingly with no effort.

Sodom. Shoulder charge will stun, can combo into Chop Suey technique.
Charging Slash – shoulder charge culminates in a sword slash.
Chop Suey – Sodom's standard attack as a hundred sword slash! Can cause multiple hits without toppling the character.

Splash move has been added though not working as it should, combo's into other moves from it will not always work as a standing enemy is sometimes toppled as opposed to being stunned. This is especially noticeable vs Sodom, who is toppled during a charging move.nemy is sometimes toppled as opposed to being stunned. This is especially noticeable vs Sodom, who is toppled during a charging move.

Latest version:

Download old engine:
ADF here
HD here including source

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