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Originally Posted by Jgames View Post
Reading about Shinobi arcade in wikipedia, the article say that boss 2,3, and 4 (helicopter, buddah statues and the red samurai) can be defeated without throwing stars ; i don't know how can this be done, and i've found no hints about this searching the net.
Anyone here knows how?
Very interesting Jgames. I've never heard about this... I guess it's done by timing your ninja magic perfectly. I know that on the following:

You can get atleast 3 hits off from ninja magic.

Buddah Statues:
You can get through them by just using the ninja magic at the perfect time.

Red Lobster:
I've managed to get 4 hits off from ninja magic.

Shinobi is one of, if not my favourite arcade game of all time. Here's a thread where I helped somebody beat the crappy Amiga version by detailing how to do it on the arcades: Shinobi Boss Level 5

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