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Originally Posted by MickJT View Post
I would have thought the game "Doom" was the start of it all.
It was the final strike.

Originally Posted by exoticaga View Post
Piracy of games didn't kill the amiga.

High cost of the hardware did kill it. Compared to the low cost of pc hardware at the same time. Want to upgrade an amiga one add-on hardware board, you could buy a pc for the same price. The amiga users i knew back then all wanted cheap pc hardware also for their amiga, but was not possible.
Sad but true. Even at present day it is impossible to build a decent "old" Amiga System (A1200 with 68040 in a Tower with 32/64mb, to use WB 3.1 and WHDLOAD Games) without spend a lot. Even new Amiga platforms are too exensive, and many people (not me, I know the "new" Amiga aren't "classic") don't like them because you have to use UAE anyway to play old games.

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