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This is just my opinion so please feel free to skip this, since no real info is in this post... ok:

I never saw and still don't see the point of scanlines.
I _always_ turn them off.

I can see the benefit of pal emulation for c64 and green monitor emulation for cpc, to give people the original experience to match their memories. I can see this since by far the majority of people had those machines hooked up to tv/green monitor back in the day.

But didn't we all have the amiga hooked up to a monitor anyways?
And don't the amiga gfx look even better on modern screens? Pixel art only benefits from clear distinction between pixels IMO.

So why scanlines, or why other filters that just add extra blurryness or distortion to the gfx?

I guess if you had your amiga hooked up to tv in the past, you might want pal/ntsc emulation (rather complex algorithm I would think). But honestly, if you had an amiga hooked up to a tv, you were just missing out by having insanely crappy picture in the first place...
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