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Originally posted by LUKas007
PC and many other hardware platforms evolute, Amiga stands in one point for some time that's the reason. Btw, are you suggesting that a game using 2-3 CDs is to be worse than a single CD game?
As for English translation. I have no problems understanding this boorish language which I learned at home just playing a few PRG games. Mabe my English isn't perfect but I understand you clearly without having to look at dictionary. I bet, you even in 5 years spent in Poland wouldn't learn my language.
Anyway, our last posts have nothing to do with System Shock.
Amiga stands at one point? I won't even touch that one. As for the 2-3 CD thing, I never suggested anything of the sort. I originally brought it up denoting something that has changed between PC games then and now. Nothing more. You can read anything you want into it, but it will be completely your product and not mine. It seems this off-topic extravaganza keeps happening because of misinterpreting statements. I have no desire to keep clarifying my comments. They are what they are and there is no hidden subtext, so please don't bother asking if I meant this or that by what I said. No symbolism attached.

Your comments about whether I could learn Polish are mere speculation and you have nothing to support that aside from disdain. Derogatory adjectives happily ignored. Perhaps we should stop here and allow this thread to return back on topic.
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