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Sorry for ruining it for you twist. Just thought it was a funny word to use in your vocabulary. Always thought of it as just a game, but it can easily make sense as a word I guess.

And I did make a mistake.

Spindizzy was on the C64 and CPC to mention 2 platforms, but I don't think it was on the Amiga. The Amiga had spindizzy worlds, completely different game. Missed the changing of your spinning thing though. I always liked changing it, and wasn't it part of puzzles some places?

Lukas : Btw, are you suggesting that a game using 2-3 CDs is to be worse than a single CD game?

I'd be suggesting that size isn't nescesarily the same as quality.

The vortex : 4 CD game, horrible
Undying : 2 CDs, not too good but not horrible either.
Megaman X4 : 1 cd, good gameplay
Rayman : 1 cd, good lastability (till you reinstall and lose your saves)
Nomad soul : 3 Cds, fairly good game.
Resident evil 2 : 2 CDs, somewhat of a yawn.

2-3 CDs usually means you'll be switching discs a lot (which was one of the reasons harddisks and CDs became popular apart from speed, no need to be a Disk Jockey to play a game). or that you'd be filling your harddisk with stuff.

I never played Baldurs gate, but I could imagine it'd be a bit bothersome switching discs. They released a DVD version of that which would save you the trouble.

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