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I tried the command DTC -fimage.adf -i5 -i4 and it wrote an .adf and also a .st file

I tried this on the two ST/Amiga Format disks I have (SuperDisk 10 & 11)

The amiga adf's work perfectly in WinUAE but the two .st images I made wouldn't load in STEem or Winston emulators same result on both emulators, just went back to the green desktop screen, each disk opened with 0 Bytes in them. I wonder why these didn't copy successfully?

Edit: Also tried the Sony Drive again with the floppy cable either way and it still wasn't recognised. Sometimes it's hard to know which way the floppy cable is supposed to go as some drives are laid out differently to the quick start guide, I guess this is just one of the unsupported floppy drives or maybe a faulty drive (although its a brand new drive) Sony MPF 920 Z/121
I got this drive as I heard the MPF 920's were a good drive for Kryoflux, I guess the Z versions are to be avoided

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