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Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
I used DTC -rocknroll.adf -i5
I didn't realise you 'had' to start the image name with an f as you suggested here;

So I just tried DTC -frocknroll.adf -i5 in command and that worked

Whats so special about the f before the image name then?
The f before the filename is the 'switch', i.e., the 'filename' qualifier, just as the i before 5 indicates an image type.

Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
Another question how do you dump a disk with two formats on it at the same time? I have a couple of ST/Amiga Format coverdisks I want to dump. Is it possible to dump the adf and .st or .msa files at the same time?

How do you do that?
Yes it's possible, and I've done that many times as well. To dump a dual-format ST/Amiga coverdisk, just type DTC -fimage.adf -i5 -i4. AFAIK, if you want an .msa file instead, you must convert the .st file afterwards with MSA Converter or other utility.

It's all covered in the kryoFlux_manual.pdf, which is included in the drivers archive.

Edit: I always reset my KryoFlux by 'safely removing it' from the USB port on my PC and then replugging it.

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