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Just bought a new Kryoflux - A few questions

I received a shiny new Kryoflux today, had a few initial problems namely a Sony MPF920Z drive incompatible with the board, I did dtc -c2 in command and the drive refused to test read any track access giving me a big fat 0, soon as I tried it with an ALPS DF354H drive the Kryoflux came alive and read maxtracks 83 which I was surprised about as I heard bad things about ALPS drives and good things about the Sony drive

Anyway I'm having some teething issues, I used the adf dump command DTC -fname.adf -i5, and the drive sets off dumping rocknroll to adf for me .. A couple of minutes later it finishes telling me my shiny new disk image is complete.
Excellent it's done ... hang on wait .. hmm, where the hell did it dump the adf to?? Nope looked everywhere can't find no adf file in the Kryoflux folder or any subfolders, so where did it go to??

Anyone know what path Kryoflux is supposed to dump adf images to? Or maybe I done something wrong?

Also anyone know a link to download the UI for DTC as currently I'm dumping in command.

Thanks for any help

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