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Methanoid: I should have put that better.

Actually, we think it is great that people who own the original can get hold of the games without having to dump them, especially if they are not able to for whatever reason. This way it saves both us and them time when the game has already been preserved.

The point is, that we do not want discussion of spreading IPF's HERE. This forum is meant for questions, communication, discussion, etc. and not somewhere people come just to find IPF links. It is not done for "policing" reasons, that would be pointless and stupid.

Of course, the other reason is what is said above by various people is true - since this forum is the semi-official CAPS discussion area, we don't want to be seen as advocating the spread of copyrighted games by ignoring it, because we do indeed respect copyright.

Feel free to talk about this stuff anywhere else but here, it is nothing to do with us, and since it is "our" forum, don't bother us about it.
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