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Black screen in full screen but not full window Winuae all versions

Black screen in full screen native 50 hz (not rtg) but not full window in all double buffer, triple buffer in latest winuae 2.6.1 and I had same issue in previous versions... not a problem for me as full window is working perfect but for those with CRT and slower computers that need exact synchronization could be a problem...

I think it seems to have to do with something failed to initialize when hidden resolutions that 50 hz is in my monitor display can't initialize (bug stopping this initialization) as it shows a nearly black but not completely black screen. I am confident that it is this. Maybe you Tony forgot to set a flag in display init?

That is when screen mode was 60 hz but can't switch to hidden 50 hz.
Unchecking the box "Hide resolutions that the monitor can't show" in display settings in Windows 7 doesn't help.

Only workaround is to switch the monitor to 50 hz in the display settings in Windows 7, and it will work in native mode with fullscreen too.

Also I saw a strange flicker in winuae native mode 50 hz, but the desktop in Windows 7 doesn't flicker... filters related? It doesnt in 60 hz or full window.

Latest drivers, computer works perfect etc.

Does anyone have same issue as me?

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