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Thank you for the answer.

I configured a A1200/020
It returns "segmentation error" with an empty log file.

Then without a configuration file (default A500)
It returns "segmentation error" with the following log file :

libamiga (based on WinUAE 2.4.0beta5) initialized
load config file
checking config file fs-uae.conf
using documents directory "/home/user/Documents"
using base directory "/home/user/Documents/FS-UAE"
using "Configurations" directory "/home/user/Documents/FS-UAE/Configurations"
checking config file /home/user/Documents/FS-UAE/Configurations/Default.fs-uae
checking config file /home/user/.config/fs-uae/fs-uae.conf
WARNING: No configuration file
(TODO: present this warning to the user in the UI
using PAL mode (50Hz)
WARNING: unknown amiga config specified, using A500
using "Kickstarts" directory "/home/user/Documents/FS-UAE/Kickstarts"
using "Flash Memory" directory "/home/user/Documents/FS-UAE/Flash Memory"
using "Save States" directory "/home/user/Documents/FS-UAE/Save States"
using "Floppy Overlays" directory "/home/user/Documents/FS-UAE/Floppy Overlays"
using "Controllers" directory "/home/user/Documents/FS-UAE/Controllers"
initializing SDL

An idea?

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