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CF won't accept PFS

I have hit a strange issue

I have two CF cards. One is a cheap nasty thing I got off ebay and the other is a more expensive one that came from AmigaKit.

Now the cheap nasty ebay thing accepts the PFS without so much as a sniffle. In fact I have tried several times and it's worked every time. Now this card WILL NOT work in my Amiga. I have tried. Trust me it won't work.

However I have just tried to put PFS on my AmigaKit CF HDD and it will not go on. Every time I load the PFS onto the card it just comes up as DOS/3 FFS. Thats it.

I try to give it a different name but every time it comes up with DOS/3
I try formatting the card and it says FFS.
I tried updating the file system and nothing still says FFS and DOS/3.

What am I doing wrong. I did it the same way as my cheapo card, which it accepts, yet the expensive one doesn't. Is there something I am missing?
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