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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Hi dirkies,

There were some DiskSqueeze archives on the EAB File Server which were supposedly Amiga Format Subscriber disks 81-87. They are no longer there, but I could upload an archive containing them to the Zone for you.
Check out these instead. since many have problems with them also.

Collection > Coverdisk > Amiga User International > AUI Disks (Disk Squeeze Compressed)

They do work even the subscribers disks here do work, and i do remeber will unpack to floppy and be 1:1 identical binary comparision. This is when i had amiga hardware etc to do that with, only have pc winuae now.

I did check aminet for and found no script to convert dsq to adf. Maybe dirkies could update his program to do this.

Was the problem becuase extended disks as with the AUI seconds disk 2 Look at the AUI diskqueeze disks following the above path on the eab server. There is a seperate AUI thread for problems others have with those on the forum somewhere.

Dirkies if you can find a way to convert any disk converted with disqueeze sofwtare to adf and extended adf that would be nice. A script or a script for disksqueeze v1.23 or included in disqueeze update for this would be a help for many users.

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