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Hello TC,

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who believes C= mobo revisions stopped with the 1D4...
...still, there's no doubting it, I have (um, had) a genuine C= 2B A1200 complete with Chinnon drive & no signs of the hackery that Escom perpetrated to get those Panasonic drives to work, the serial No's do indeed match - it's an original... if I've gone & butchered a bit of history all I can say is 'oops'.

The mobo is now inside my main project A1200 (and there it will stay).
The case of the 'C= 2B' has had the 'pimp' treatment:
-Metallic black underside.
-Gold on top.
-With a (fake) pink snake-skin keyboard.
(how's that for tastelessness?)

On the subject of is the original mobo repairable?
I hope so (down an A1200) but it's beyond me.

The 'dead' mobo was a C= 1D4 that had been 'fixed', I believe, but not by the standard method. Some other form of butchery had gone on prior to my getting it - I've always assumed to get it stable with the '060 it came with... as it was dead anyway I set to applying the 'standard fix' just in case.
Sadly, doing this changed it from constant re-rebooting to dead as a door-nail so I reversed said 'fix' only to find it still quite buggered - funny, the caps I removed / replaced looked like replacements themselves so I've no idea what had gone on in the past.

Not wishing to put you on the spot...
...further 'repairs' are going to be beyond me - would you consider having a go?
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