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Not knowing the history of the A1200 in question, does the serial no on the Mobo match up the serial no on the case bottom.
If so then I understand your confusion, I too thought all C= A1200's were 1D4 at least & the Escom's a mix of 1D4 & 2B
Bear in mind my restored A1200 has a 1D2 Mobo which shouldn't even exist
Interesting find indeed

Sorry to hear about your Mobo failing like that, In what way is it gone mate do you think we can repair it?
But the good news is that your 2B is stable with all the addons....

Regarding stability against Mobo revision, my other A1200 is a 1D4 running an Apollo 1240 & it is rock stable, I think there is an element of luck regarding timing & component tolerances involved with the 2B & 1D4 (and possibly the other revs too) and can probably find equally good & bad examples of both.

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