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A1200 2B mobo..? Confused.

I've had a bit of bad luck - my ongoing 'So how much cr*p CAN you plug into an A1200 while keeping the desktop case' project has hit a glitch - mobo gone bye-bye.
(BTW: catchy title for a project, eh?)

I have another A1200 that's supposed to be a 'pimp my miggy' project. So for the mo' that'll have to go further on the back burner while I 'borrow' its mobo.
(Hmm, I think I'll try to sell that concept to some telly company or other)

Ah, a snag: It's a 2B mobo - no chance that'll boot under the weight of all the goodies...
...but no! All my goodies plugged / soldered to it with no hassles at all!!!

The plot thickens:
It's in a C= case, not an Escom one.
It's got a Chinnon FDD, not a Panasonic one.
There are NO mods or patches applied / repaired...
...therefore not just a stable 2B mobo, but a C= one!
Well, my understanding is as follows:
-The last C= mobo was the 1D4.
-Escom knocked out butchered 1D4s & 2Bs to allow those Panasonic drives to work in a vaguely Amiga-like way.
-From the point of stability the 2B is by far the cr*pest revision.
->None of that applies to this particular A1200...

...have I just butchered some kind of rarity, or am I thoroughly mistaken..?
(or have I found another ostrich?)

To sum up:
The Bad:
My major project miggy is dead!
I've had to butcher my other project to resurrect it.
(The world may never see my tour-de-force in tastelessness)
The Good:
The borrowed mobo works far better than expected.
I may have learned something...

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