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Hi JeffreyUS

I'm working from memory here, so apologies if it doesn't work.

Take a look at this page, which *will* make your CF bootable, and install DOS and a partition manager.

Alter your bios settings to boot from USB device and power down. Pull out your main hard disk power cable. Power up, and boot from the CF drive. You can then delete the existing partitions on the CF. Power down, replace hard disk power cable. Power up change BIOS boot settings back to hard disk. Reboot back into Windows which now won't recognise the drive.

Open WinUAE (add the CF drive), and insert an "Install 3.1" adf. Edit the Icon Information for HDToolbox to make SCSI_DEVICE_NAME=uaehf.device (was scsi.device), and run HDToolbox. The drive should now be found and available for partitioning.

Easy peasy!
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