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Formatting Compact Flash as Amiga Drive

Has anyone successfully formatted a Compact Flash card using WinUAE?

I have a 1GB card I want to use as a boot drive, but as an Amiga FFS drive. It comes configured with the FAT file system. The drive shows up in WinUAE if I select the option to show all Windows drives, but I cannot format the disk under WinUAE, and it does not show up as an available drive in the Hard Disk installation because it is formatted for FAT.

I cannot delete the partition in Windows because Windows XP does not support deleting partitions using disk manager for removable drives such as Flash disks. The work around appears to be to delete the partition in DOS, but my card reader does not have a DOS driver. Same thing for Linux.

Is there any facility within WinUAE to take a "Windows" drive, delete the partition, and create an RDB so it can be treated as an Amiga disk drive? Or is there some other workaround that people have used?


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