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oh my god, it´s getting more and more confusing... another one out of

"The Megadrive (Sega Genesis and Master System) both DEFINITELY work with NO hacks...........but only the joypad and buttons B and C because thats all the Amiga, there is a Hack to enhance its use to all 6 buttons for CD32 games. I heard all you have to do is switch pin 9 and pin 6 on the joypad end where the cable ends.

The Spectrum jotpads.I dont think they will work...........the reason I say this is because there is a Joystick made by Cheetah called the BUG, wich has two connectors on for Amiga and one for Spectrum..........which leads me to believe it wont work.otherwise why would they make and end for each on the Joystick.........I think its just a difference in wire config.

I have about 5 Sega Genesis 6 button pads here.which I use for Hired Guns......Dyna Blasters, and other 4 player games on my 4 player adaptor....but I also use them for 2 button games like Turrican 1, 2 and 3 as well as Project X."

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