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PCs dont have a personality like the Amiga - nothing lost if you just emulate them
I used to think the same. But I have come to realise that each living thing has a spirit, and that once we find all 8 spirits, then we can remove the phantoms. One of the 8 spirits is the spirit of the 486DX2, with extended 512 cache and optional FPU. According to Dr Aki, with this 8th spirit, we may be able to solve the phantom mystery... woops, sorry, too much Final Fantasy.

Every computer has a certain feel to it. And although the feel of the PC paled in comarison to that of the amiga back in the day (with many claiming it had no soul), it is nice to fast foward to today and appreciate the subtleties and differences between the two. I would contend that starting around the time of Ultima VII, and perhaps Alone in the Dark, the PC's personality began to shine, and in some respects, eclipse other gaming platforms. That is, the soul or feel of a platform goes beyond the OS, to encompass the quality of software. The PC is cool in the sense fo seeing what hardware add-ons allow one to enjoy the gaming experience that much more. Like a midi card.
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