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Which MOBO for PC gaming?

Got myself a couple of 486sx based systems:

1. Genuine IBM PS/1 33Mhz 4mb RAM desktop
2. MSI (Microstart international) 4132 G mobo 33Mhz 4mb RAM with serial mouse (adapted to PS2) and OLD BIG din plug for keyboard, 7 ISA slots, tower, Video: Cirrus logic GD-54

Which should I use to build an old school dos games rig?

Shoud I ditch the MSI mobo and replace it with an Intel DX2 66Mhz or MSI DX4 100Mhz mobo?

I will have a seperate pentium system for newer DOS/Win95 games.

Is the type of mobo for a pentium system relevant to DOS gaming? I have a choice of a:

ASUS Motherboard P/1-P55TVP4:
Specs - Pentium, Pentium MMX, K5, K6, 6x86, 6x86MX, Socket 7, Intel 430VX PCIset, 4 PCI, 3 ISA, Baby AT Form Factor



I like that the ECS is ATX form factor and has USB.

What to do?
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