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- found another typo. After "SIESMIC MINDS", there's "RYGAR, THE LEGENDARDY WARRIOR"...

- after ending a round, the next time you press fire, the shooting noise occurs but character doesn't shoot. Deadly if you fire only when meeting an enemy... (already reported by Luca)

- level 5: vertical round, when climbing, the bat doesn't fire any projectile, which makes that part easy. Also I didn't remember you could kill it when climbing. Strangely enough, it starts dropping projectiles in the horizontal final section...

Programming error. Doesn't show in the game (reads 0 or something), but caught it with whdload because I relocated the game low in chip and got a negative memory read:

	LEA	(LAB_00DF,PC),A0	;0100a: 41fa0718
	BRA.S	LAB_00B8		;0100e: 6004
	LEA	(some_table,PC),A0	;01010: 41fa0312
      ; here D2.W can be completely wrong like $Cxxxx), creating a negative offset and reading in $FFFFxxxxx if program is in $100)
	MOVE.B	(0,A0,D2.W),D0		;01014: 10302000
	EXT.W	D0			;01018: 4880
	ADD.W	(16,A2),D0		;0101a: d06a0010

I'll create a .ISO for a stock CD32 with CD32load this week. Mixing the OS with the game isn't a good idea, as mcgeezer thought.
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