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FS-UAE Booting to black screen - SOLVED

Hi, firstly thanks for allowing me to join the forum and would appreciate some assistance please as I've simply been unable to find anything online. I've just recently discovered FS-UAE after using Win UAE for many years but have found that no matter what I try when I try and run a game it just opens up a black screen with the message at the bottom left "Notify_user msg #2".

I've tried various kickstarts, running it full screen or windowed but just get the same result. With some games I get the same message but the screen is white.

I'm thinking it might just be incompatible with my grahics card - (NVidea GeForce GTX 750 Ti) though oddly I've never had any issues with any other emulators in 20 years. I have sent my current setup and settings to a mate and it works fine so I know it's not the program itself. Any tips or advice would be wicked. Thanks Alan

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