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Ermm, just look above
I think it was CTRL-S and CTRL-L or saving and loading a game. If I remember correctly a simple Amigados formatted disk will do just fine
Remember the save and load only works between levels when a picture and scrolltext appear !

The game is really fucking hard, but can be learned.
In the horse level just concentrate on the right side of the screen only and immediately react by pressing up/down or fire to punch. ! Don't look at your horse ! Also there are energy replenishment potions and others, which I forgot. I think you can only carry a maximum of 3 at one time.
In the cave levels or others where you have to walk left/right, write down in what height monsters appear, because they will always appear in the same order if you walk at about the same speed. Then press pause in between for reading the next monsters to be able to defeat them.
In the end of level fights never try to fight them to the right side of the screen, because then they will fight like mad and you will get killed quickly ! Just stay on the left side of the screen and let them come

That's all on hints I can remember for now. If you get stuck just ask
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