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Quake 3 on Classic

Some stuff to try for those with bigger ppc cpus + 256mg ram:

This is an attempt to recreate Q3 with the old minigl, although it works "mostly" with my Morphed machine.

Hedeon and grelbfarlk tested early versions and told me about problems with audio ahi with 8 bits that lead to crashes, so it's disabled by default. Can be enabled with "s_initsound" "snd_restart" plus if you use 8 bits "sndbits 8" (console or q3config.cfg)

It is in alpha state: If you are lucky enough to run it, only the free demos work: Going to the full game it stays for ever with the dreaded "awaiting snapshot". Cinema support doesn't work so it's off by now.

Works with the demo packs also.

In some systems/sometimes just when starting it stays in "zombie" state (maybe a socket issue ) but finally runs.

Sources will be soon uploaded.

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