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Okay, my position is this:

One of my interests is data recovery and, since I own both a Supercard Pro and Kryoflux, I am free to use one or other or both whenever I encounter a difficult floppy.

But first, I tend to use my Catweasel Mk4, because I have owned it for longer than either of the others and I have most experience with it. Indeed, very often it yields a complete image which obviates the need to use the others at all.

But there are times when the Catweasel has difficulty and I will then try one or other of the two solutions we are discussing, though most often in these cases the final solution results from a combination of images obtained from all three.

I will have a think about summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of both the Supercard and Kryoflux, but my experiences are not exhaustive and my opinions may well be disputed by both Jim Drew and Christian Bartsch.
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