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Floppy disk

Here's an excerpt from a USENET message dated May 1984 (Google link ):
An interesting note: Some companies are starting to leave messages
for pirates inside protected code. One program asked nicely not to
distibuted the now assumed cracked program at a large scale level.
Electromic Arts sprinkles throughout its game disks this message:
"Don't break this game, write you own instead!" Very amusing. However,
Electronic Arts failed to realize (or maybe it was intentional) that
every place on the disk where this message was (there were 3 places),
there was code right next to it which had something to do with the
protection. Made it much more easier to crack. Anyway, I'm taking
a little advice from Electronic Arts: I am going to start to write
my own....PROTECTIONS! (If you can't beat them, and I can beat them,
join them I guess.) Look for me on my latest protection; we pirates
who have looked at several different kinds of protections are the best
at writing our own. Who said I can't change my stripes......
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