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Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
Well, the humble speccy has just beat the Amiga to it's first Psytronik release
In terms of community dynamics, the speccy isn't so "humble" after all. The Spectrum has a lively community that has been active for decades now and for the last 6 to 7 years has been pouring out quality games time and time again. 99% for free. They're even more active and prolific than the C64 community, which has been praised here already.

It was precisely because of these dynamics within the Spectrum community - of which I partake - that drove me to write those words on the "Would you pay for a new Amiga game? thread that still define what I think of the Amiga community.

Unfortunately, compared to the lively, happy and strolling Spectrum community (if you ignore the WoS recent ordeal), the Amiga community looks, fells and acts very much like a comatose patient on an ICU bed...

Which is unfortunate and, in a way, completely avoidable (if the community had its heart in the right place). I know that programming and making games for the speccy is easier, but still... the difference in the difficulty of making the games does not justify the difference in the community dynamics. It's the attitudes that do.
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