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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
You seem to have failed to read the part where I said it should have had a cartridge slot under the fake flap so folk could play their ORIGINAL games! Apart from that, your post was the only one with the word "pirate", no one else mentioned it.
Yes, I must admit that the following sentence from you:
", or it could have had a SD card slot under there."
led me to think you implied to also allow running non legitimate copies (as well as Akira's mention of the Raspberry PI given that this is what most people use emulation for if I believe what I read here).

If that was not the case, then you have my apologies.
But on the EAB the vast majority of discussions about emulation bring forward the ability to play pirate games as a clear advantage, so yup, I am 100% willing to admit that this is not your case but once again, you must forgive me for assuming that you would not been advocating samely.

I do agree should sure have been more cautious given the first part of your sentence but you must admit your point of view is fairly unpresentative (as is mine).
Also, I sure hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for such a mistake.

Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
As for the Raspberry PI, Nintendo have purposefully failed to give folk the option of playing their game cartridges on this remake, so why not?
I am not opposed at all to emulation, on the contrary.
I just assumed that you too would be advocating it for piracy usage, which indeed as you have clarified was a misreading of mine.

Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
Just another that comments without first READING and comprehending the previous posts, it seems to be getting a regular thing on this forum from some people.
Yeah, let us generalize my comments into a trend from "some people". Not only is this a slippery slope but also ignores the fact that I can fess up and admit my mistakes as I did above.

Can we leave these unsightly generalizations away from these forums?
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