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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
So are your originals... And?
Your definition of "originals" must differ from mine then. My original Super Mario had a package, a manual, some more paperwork and a cartridge containing the game. The reason it costs money is that it's a tangible product filled with nostalgia and of a limited supply and not some file you can crank out a million copies of in ten minutes.

Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat
You perfectly know this is licensed work and that most of the price is the license, not the materials. If you feel entitled to them, then all good but do not pretend the bits told you you could copy them.
You perfectly know that the price of a used NES game is not a factor of licence costs, but of supply and demand. That's why the price of a game may vary based purely on the country code printed on one of the flaps of the packaging.

And no, I will not feel bad for refusing to pay money to one of the world's richest companies when they re-re-re-release a 30 year old game that's sold in the millions already.

That's not a question of fairness or respect, that's just praying at the altar of capitalism.
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