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Originally Posted by knightbeat View Post
Anyone remember Alive Mediasoft? I recall an interview in Amiga Computing where they claimed to run various Mac games (Doom, Phantasmagoria and others) through 'transparent emulation', which allowed the user to load a game without seeing a Mac UI. I assume they were using Shapeshifter for this task. I wonder if/how they solved the scripting issue.
If Shapeshifter supported save states like some emulators, one way of doing it could be by preparing a minimal size mac partition on file with stripped OS and one game in it, and set all to colors to black so the desktop is never visible.

Then launch a script on Mac the launches the game and on shuts down the MacOS on game exit and make a save state right on the script start. And then, finally on Amiga side run a script that starts Shapershifter from that save state without the configuration screen.

Otherwise, without save states I can't think of a simple way to hide the MacOS startup.
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